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Nikolai Koval-Radley

The case for brilliance and wholeness

From poor leadership to absence of wellbeing, from stark inequality to lack of sustainability, things don't feel like they're going so well. Seemingly, we're all in search of greater fulfilment, balance and getting "unstuck" in our society, careers and personal lives.

Yet it needn't be this way. Such problems are surmountable because all share one thing in common: the mind. The good news is you can change your mind. And when you do, you can change what you get, and give, in life. My mission is "To awaken every leader to brilliance and wholeness as their birthright." What do I mean by "awaken"? Behavioural science has shown that 99% of decision making is unconscious and automatic*. You wouldn't want to be asleep at the wheel of your car. You probably also wouldn't want to sleep-walk through life. And yet, mostly, we all do. By harnessing more of your mind you can get more data, more insight, more opportunities and more choices. All in service of whatever matters most to you. What do I mean by "brilliance"? Quite simply, the wisest, kindest, healthiest, happiest, most potent version of you. We know you're in there - and the chances are you do too. The truth is, you already are brilliant. You just need to turn the infrequent glimmers into a dazzling, constant stream. And what do I mean by wholeness? Simply, the state of living one's truth, in full self-acceptance and self-authority, free from unhelpful patterns, habits and traumas. All this starts with taking care of your body and befriending what great Tibetan Rinpoches term the "monkey mind", then finding the courage to be yourself and take conscious, decisive action in line with your deepest values and life purpose. To make all this happen I blend cutting-edge psychology, behavioural and neuroscience, biofeedback tools, coaching, somatic and talking therapies, creativity, over 17 years of business experience and the ancient wisdom of the contemplative traditions. I work 1:1, with intact teams and with large groups, both as 'one-offs' or regularly, over time. The result? A more brilliant and whole you.

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